Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sunny Side Up Hen House, where livin' is over easy

The Creation of our Chicken Coop 

All materials were re-used, with the exception of the Chicken wire and a layer of top soil : -)

What we started with.. (2/14/14)

The beginning, need to plant the veggies, so we can feed ourselves and the chicks..
Beams were left over from a project we were going to do on the house 16 years ago

Putting up the fence, to keep the doggies out and the chickies in..
The wood used for the fence has been up in my rafters since the house was ORIGINALLY built in 1962 Folks!! Yeah, I felt it was time for it to make it's debut ; -)

Sweet Success
The gate was a pallet, just cut it down to size. The hinges we had layin around

getting ready for the path

The laying of our path
The redwood spacers came from a project my dad did at his house. 
The other wood came from my work (left over from broken down pallets)

Chicken wire added to the fence and the coop project begins.....
The bean tower/wall behind the garden was left over from a patio cover of sorts.
The shell of the coop was given to us from a friend of a family member.. The timing was totally on our side.. we were looking at plans to build one, then poof

Reinforcements and doors added
Again, the wood was left over from previous projects

Entrance to the coop Completed

Sliding Door.. CHECK

Ladder attached

Backside View

Small Hinged Door added

Nesting Area complete with ladder

Nesting Area

The Gathering of eggs area #1

The gathering of eggs area #2... Mr Duke doing a security check

Ready for Caulk

Caulk being applied #bestboyfriendever

Fresh Coat of Paint
The paint was even left over from previous projects

Ready for the chickens

or so we thought...but, it turns out, it just wasn't big enough.. #bestdadintheworld #myboyfriendisbetterthanyours #chickencoop #henhouse #chickenrun #backyardchickens

adding the sun room aka chicken run
Wood was left over from previous projects... (inside scoop, my dads in construction)

Painting the Frame
( Paint was left over from previous projects.
 It doesn't match the white we put on the Hen House, but who's lookin)

Painted Frame
I'm in the Toy Business (Manufacturing & Distributing) 
The buckets were customer returns, I turned them into pots

Added the Dutch Door
The Shelf of the Dutch Door was actually wood from the house I grew up in... Awwwwwwe

Dutch Door View

Another View of the progress

Cover to the sun room added along with some panels
The black cover came from a Pool Safety fence we had laying around

So close to the end result

 Dutch Door Painted and ready for action

added Swings for the chickens : -)
the seat came from more of that redwood, my dad had..

Another piece of wood from the house I grew up in. I thought it would work perfectly for the sign : -)

and that is the making of ...

The Sunnyside Up Hen House

 4 months of working on it (almost) every weekend : -)